How is Cobblestone Governed and Managed?


The Cobblestone Homeowners Association’s Board of Directors is elected by the Cobblestone residents and is tasked with the management, maintenance, operation, and control of the Association Property, the Lifestyle Community program, and the Maintenance Free Neighborhood Landscape program.  Capstone Association Management is the current property management company assisting the Board.

The Association seeks and promotes residents’ understanding and cooperation in enforcement of all Governing Documents.  This is accomplished by encouraging the participation of its residents in developing and improving services, facilities and processes necessary to ensure compliance with all Governing Documents including the Florida State Statutes and Sarasota County codes governing Community Associations.

Fostering close, working relationships with local governmental agencies is a prime objective of the Board so that we are consistently aware of planning and development activities, zoning issues and other municipal activities that may impact Cobblestone or it surrounding communities.

The Board and our residents take pride in Cobblestone’s reputation as a well-known, desirable community in which to live.

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